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I have known myself to be an artist almost since the day I was able to hold a pencil because I have always felt happiest while doing something creative. I view the world through the eyes of my heart, causing me to create from a place of emotion that effervesces from the core of my being like a bubbling fountain.

If I were to choose 6 words that I most connect with and experience on an emotional level they would be luxurious, elegant, charming, exotic, whimsical and serene. What I see around me in every day life that inspires me to create begins here. For me, these 6 words represent the essence of some of the very best that life has to offer.

decorative frame
mixed media collage (work in progress)


Kellie's creative life began in San Diego California when she started tracing and drawing pictures from early childhood books. Her family moved to Western Washington where Kellie first learned to paint in oils and she continued to paint for several years until her creative whispers urged her to try other art forms like mixed media painting.

It wasn't until Kellie stumbled upon a book about paper sculpture that she would discover her true passion. With so much versatility and possibility in manipulating paper, Kellie became completely captivated by it as an artistic medium.

After graduating from the Art Institute of Seattle with an Associate of Arts degree in Visual Communications, Kellie began incorporating graphically designed elements into her mixed media collages, giving them a more polished look.

The discovery of a paper art form called quilling opened new doors to Kellie's evolving style by enabling her to create the flourishes and filigree effects she has always loved.

Being published in Somerset Studio landed Kellie the opportunity to teach classes at Impress Rubber Stamps, a local craft store where she shops. She has also taught online video tutorials on how to make paper dolls.

Kellie is entirely self taught in the art of paper manipulation. She continues to refine her techniuqe through trial and error by pushing herself into exploring the capabilities of paper as well as those of her own imagination. She enjoys combining her love of mixed media painting with paper sculpture techniques to create one of a kind paper art dolls and other 3 dimensional art. Kellie currently resides in the greater Seattle area with her two brown, tabby felines, Flora and Phoebe.


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